Big 8 Science Review & Test Preparation - Intermediate Level

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The Big 8 Science Review prepares students for the intermediate level science curriculum and assessments and the NYS 8th Grade Science Test. Written in an interactive style, its large workbook format helps students get the "feel" of taking the examination. In clear, precise fashion, the book overviews the reading, writing, and laboratory skills needed for success. Science - Big 8 Science Review guides students through the living environment and physical setting material using the Key Ideas, Performance Indicators, and Intermediate Skills. The interactive multiple choice, short answer, constructed response questions (including extended constructed response), and the unique final examinations give the student extensive practice for the intermediate assessment examinations.

Topical questions are asked to stimulate and direct the student's attention and encourage thinking. Hundreds of multiple choice, constructed response questions, extended response questions, and practice exams challenge the student's learning and provide extensive practice for the final exam.

Vocabulary is always a part of review books. After all, how can the student read for comprehension when she/he does not understand "the language?" We have combined our glossary and index in order to help students with this problem. The glossary is comprehensive and provides concise definitions, explanations, and examples. And, if the student needs more understanding of the term, the text page references are provided right there - with the term, not in a separate index.

Authors: Alan Fiero and Joan Wagner

$15.99 per book.

Call 1-800-847-0854 for details. 288 Pages - (Booklet size 8.5 x 11) (ISBN 978-1-939246-23-3)

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