About Us

 Topical Review Book Company was founded in 1936 in Auburn, NY by former teacher and Principal Clarence L. Williams. The business has remained in the family for three generations. Currently it is headed by Mr. Williams' Grandson. It has grown to be known as the "LITTLE GREEN BOOK COMPANY" due to the color of our review books. We are presently located in the Irish Hills of Michigan.

     We provide practice test books for most subjects starting at the 3rd Grade level through High School. Browse through our catalog for individual titles.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns at:

Topical Review Company

P.O. Box 328

Onsted,  MI  49265

PHONE: 1-800-847-0854  -  FAX:  1-800-847-0851

E-MAIL: Sales@TopicalRBC.com