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eBook for Algebra 1 Made Easy - Next Generation Learning Standards

A quick “how to do it” reference guide recommended for students studying the NEW Next Generation Learning Standards Edition of Algebra 1. Loaded with a lot of examples, definitions, and correlations.

Algebra 1 Made Easy - Next Generation Learning Standards Edition handbook is designed to coordinate with the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards for Algebra I. It is a reference of “how to do it” for the topics covered by the standards. The standards are taught with different approaches by different teachers, so my procedures may not match exactly with your teacher’s approach. Always use the methods presented by your teacher and use this book as a resource when needed. Additional material is included when I feel that it is mathematically appropriate to incorporate related content.

Upon purchase you will be granted a 12-month license. You will be able to be downloaded onto 3 separate platforms, such as a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. It is compatible with all major operating systems; Apple, Android, and IOS. (ISBN 978-1-939246-30-1)



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If you are looking to buy for multiple users, consider purchasing a classroom set. Classroom sets allow multiple users to be connected to a teacher license. The teacher will be able to monitor individual student’s progress and the engagement performance in just a few clicks. They will have access to analytical data such as: how the content is being consumed, number of licensed eBooks distributed, and the average time spent on the student’s eBook. If you are looking to purchase a classroom set, please call: 1-800-847-0854 or email:   

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