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Interactive eBook for JD's Chemistry Regents Exam Review

JD’s Regents Preparation has produced exam review material for over 10 years and is currently used by the biggest and best schools in New York State.

JD’s Chemistry Regents Exam Review interactive eBook has a total of 8 Regents Exams. The first 6 exams have been dissected and organized in a manner that parallels the topics taught in the course curriculum. Enabling students to identify, target, and overcome weaknesses, makes for a more sensible way to study for the Regents Exam. The last 2 exams, which are in the back of the book, include the 2019 June and August Regents in their original format. This will allow students to become familiar with the actual Regents Exam layout.

The book can also be used throughout the school year as the instructor teaches new material. The book is updated annually.


When viewing this interactive eBook, just simply click on the QR Code and the solution video pops up. The video will review with you, step-by-step, on how to do the problem. All videos have a CLOSED CAPTION option in a choice of languages.

This eBook allows students to do the following: target topics that they are having difficulties with, study on their own, and verify process and procedure via video instruction.

Upon purchase you will be granted a 12-month license. You will be able to be downloaded onto 3 separate platforms, such as a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. It is compatible with all major operating systems; Apple, Android, and IOS. (ISBN 978-1-939246-58-5)



Schools, Teachers, Tutors, Home Schools....

If you are looking to buy for multiple users, consider purchasing a classroom set. Classroom sets allow multiple users to be connected to a teacher license. The teacher will be able to monitor individual student’s progress and the engagement performance in just a few clicks. They will have access to analytical data such as: how the content is being consumed, number of licensed eBooks distributed, and the average time spent on the student’s eBook. If you are looking to purchase a classroom set, please call: 1-800-847-0854 or email: Sales@TopicalRBC.com.



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