Algebra 1 Made Easy (Common Core Edition)

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STUDENT HANDBOOK — A quick “how to do it” reference guide recommended for students studying the NEW Common Core standards of Algebra 1. Loaded with a lot of examples, definitions, and correlations. – Digest size (8.5 x 5.5) (softbound, 189 pages) (ISBN 978-1-929099-32-0) (NYC Item #902209701) - $4.00 per book 

Algebra 1 Made Easy - Common Core Standards Edition is written to coordinate with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The CCSS is a nationally recognized set of standards that will help our math students become  “college and career ready.” This simply means they will be prepared to be successful in whatever they choose to do following graduation. As individual states adopt the CCSS, students and teachers across the country will be working hard to implement it.  Instruction will be changed significantly in most classrooms leading to more experimentation and hands on learning. Students will be encouraged to “think outside the box” when analyzing problems and determining how to approach solving them. It will still be necessary for students to be able to use accepted mathematical processes to complete the analysis and solution. These methods are explained in this handbook. Algebra I Made Easy is designed to be a casual, student friendly handbook. It is a quick reference guide for students to use to obtain help with understanding which mathematical procedures and methods are acceptable and how to use them. This handbook contains the content covered by the CCSS, not the teaching techniques and learning styles that will be developed. When the student has analyzed the problem and chosen a desired method of approaching it, this handbook will help them“do the math” correctly. I wish everyone success with our implementation of the
Common Core and hope this handbook helps you to reach that goal.    

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